Easy Safe Swiss

Easy Safe Swiss

Swiss Backup RDX
Encrypted Backup in Switzerland


The new Easy Futuro service for archiving files and documents in RDX is the ideal solution to make your content inaccessible to unauthorized people, by encryption with a key generated for the exclusive use of the recipient.

The Vision

We sincerely and definitively believe that the future in security is only taking a step backwards, we are sure that offline is the only total certainty of protection and secure archiving

The Mission

Preserve your data in a Caveau in two RDX (removable disk storage) that working in redundancy can ensure the best custody and protection of your privacy giving the customer all the support of SECURE AND INVIOLABLE ARCHIVING / BACKUP.

Our Values

EASY SAFE SWISS it is the new tranquility for the customer. Our solution synergy is to position the customer in absolute tranquility. With this system we touch the highest security ever guaranteed before. All documents, all files in a solution NEVER proposed before. ONLY by EASY SAFE SWISS the certainty of digital in a protected vault and in anonymity.  Your sensitive and personal data have never been as safe as in Easy Safe Swiss, preserved and stored with a 256-bit cryptographic key, the last inviolable and insurmountable security key frontier by any IT expert.


We help you saving your data from time and loss in the safest existing way.


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