Safe Deposit Box

Our Safe Deposit Box are ideal to safely store your important documents, jewels and valuables.


  • Secure Access and alarm and 24/7 cctv
  • Discreet – double key-system guarantee access.
  • Various sizes available

Choose the simplicity of private security boxes in Switzerland for the custody of your property.

Keep your goods in total tranquility and carefree.

The cost of private safes in Switzerland today is really low and competitive.

The tranquility of your thoughts can be solved by keeping your values safe in the private safe in Switzerland, in Lugano, in the paradise of certainty and precision.

The seriousness of our service is guaranteed by a fantastic video surveillance system, 24h 24h, with links to the competent authorities.

Our availability is provided by the service of the multiple dimensions of the security boxes, where the customer can find any solution to their requests, any opportunity.